Mid September


Hello everyone hope you’ve all had a nice week. I’ve felt much better as the week has gone on, though I’m still being very careful not to push myself too much vocally as certain parts of my voice aren’t quite there yet. I’ve not been too busy this week, so a bit of rest has been good and on Thursday I had a lovely swim at Salt Ayre. I just did 40 lengths, (1k) as I didn’t want to overdo it, but it was just fab to get back swimming again.

On Monday I was singing at a beautiful Care Home in Chorley. It was my first visit and I had been invited to sing a few classical style pieces as there was a resident who had been a Classical singer. I sang a few popular pieces from old operettas such as The Merry Widow, Der Obersteiger and a couple of Gilbert and Sullivan pieces. Some of these pieces I hadn’t performed in a long time, so it was nice to have the opportunity to sing them and the residents enjoyed them. I also did some other songs too as other residents liked different things. After I finished singing a couple of family members spoke to me and told me that their mother/wife also used to sing at weddings. They showed me a clip of her singing ‘Ave Maria’ and it was breathtakingly beautiful, so I agreed if I get invited back to sing that for her. This resident had only been in there a few weeks so the staff didn’t know about her being a singer too.

219FAB70-37A7-4508-AA20-1E5827BEB6A6On Tuesday I was performing at a local Care Home which was nice. It was my third visit there and the residents were in great form as a lot of them were going to Blackpool Illuminations that night and having a Fish n Chip supper. I was very tempted to ask if I could go with them! I did a good range of songs including a new Seaside Medley I’ve just learnt to fit in with their trip to Blackpool. These residents love to join in singing, one or two ladies in particular are very enthusiastic singers.



On Wednesday I was performing at a beautiful Church in Barrow in Furness, St Mary’s RC Church.  I was actually born in Barrow, but moved to Heysham when I was 5 and my mum and dad got married at this church, so it was quite special to sing  there. It was a Funeral Mass and I had been asked to sing ‘Wild Horses’ by Susan Boyle, though it was originally a Rolling Stones Song at the start of the mass and then I joined the choir for the hymns.

On Friday night I had rehearsal for Yeomen of the Guard, as we’re doing a concert version of the Opera next Friday the 20th Sept and 27th September. So if you fancy seeing it check the poster below.

Thats all for now, sorry it’s only a short blog, but next week I may have more to report.


Thank you for following and have a great week.

Rachel xxx




First week of September

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week!

This weeks been a little less hectic than the previous few weeks which is a bit of a relief, as I’m still getting over my cold and sore throat. I don’t get ill very often, but when I do it does seem to linger much longer than other people’s. Fortunately I’m nearly there with it.

75302486-890D-48A6-B81C-36A2F5E720C9On Wednesday I was performing at Kendal Care. I had a fantastic afternoon, the residents were quite lively and joined in singing and I had a couple of ladies up dancing to some rock n roll. These two ladies were fairly new residents and it was lovely to meet them. It was also great to see Kelley the Activities Co-Ordinator getting involved and encouraging the residents to join in.



On Friday I took a break from singing as I was working as a Support Artist for the second TV series of ‘The Bay’. A Support Artist is the new way a saying ‘Extra’. The first series of ‘The Bay’ was aired in March this year and I think the second series will be aired around next March. It was quite a long day as we were called for 7am and didn’t finish until 5.30pm, but it was a great experience and I met some lovely people. This was my second time as a SA as back in June I did Coronation Street, so I’m hoping to get a little more work in this field.

On Saturday night I was back at The Strathmore, it was a good night and I had a couple dancing Modern Jive who were just exquisite to watch. It was entertaining just watching them.

Finally today I was singing at The Royal Kings Arms Hotel in Lancaster for Sunday Lunch. My good friends Harri and Chris came to support me which was lovely and Harri is actually singing there herself next Sunday. The building is just beautiful and I was singing in a lovely sunny lounge that looks out onto the Main Street. It was fairly quiet afternoon as this is a new venture for the Hotel, but really hoping it works out as it really is a lovely place and the food looks amazing and is quite reasonably  priced. So if you do happen to be in Lancaster, particularly on a Sunday I absolutely recommend you drop by.


Next week I have some nice work to look forward to and of course I’m looking forward to my holiday to Tobago in 2 weeks time.

Thank you for following and I’ll catch you all soon.

Rachel xxx



Vintage by the Sea and more…

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a great Summer! As the Summer season is drawing to a close I had lots of gigs scheduled for this week, but unfortunately I came down with a really sore throat and cold and had to either reschedule them or find cover for them. On Monday I was supposed to be in Windermere and Tuesday I was supposed to be in Longridge. But unfortunately I could do neither as I could barely speak never mind sing, fortunately the Windermere gig was rescheduled to today.


By Thursday I was slightly improved so I managed to get through my gig at Hillcroft. It was a lovely afternoon, despite not feeling great as the Home had decorated the lounge area to represent Blackpool and my show was a specialist ‘Seaside Show’ that I had been asked to put together to fit with the theme. It was a great atmosphere from both the residents and staff as they were full of enthusiasm and had really worked hard decorating the room with a real sweet stall, sand pits, paddling pools, juke box etc… the pictures don’t really do it justice.

Unfortunately on Friday, I had a set back with my voice, but I managed to get cover for both my gigs from The Gadabouts and my friend Harri. I am very lucky that I have such good friends who were able to cover. On Saturday I rested all day, even though it was Vintage by the Sea and I was desperate to go out, as I needed to be well for my weekend gigs. The resting definitely paid off and I managed to get through my gig at the Strathmore and at The Royal on Sunday.


On the Sunday I was singing with my lovely friend Harri as part of the Vintage Weekend at the Royal in Morecambe. We had a great time, the pub was packed most of the time we were there and there was a good atmosphere with a few people dancing and singing along to some of the patriotic and sing a long numbers. It was fab to see quite a few friends there to support us too.  My voice was feeling quite strained as the evening went on and just at the end of the evening it pretty much went, so fortunately Harri sang a little bit more and we came together at the end to sing ‘We’ll meet again’.


Today I was at Windermere doing my rescheduled gig from last week. It was a lovely afternoon and nice to see a few new residents here. There was more men than ladies today which made a nice change and we sang a mixture of rock n roll, 60s and country. I am still struggling a bit my throat, but I think the worst is definitely over.

Tomorrow is my day off so I plan to have a really leisurely day, so planning on having a nice swim and steam.


I have a few new exciting projects and events coming up this month and next, so I’ll keep you posted on here and Facebook of where I am. Thank you for following and have a great week.

Rachel xx

Darwen 1940s Day, Summer Show and more…

Well once again it’s been a busy week… September I start to go a bit quiet so hopefully I’ll be able to start focussing on doing some recordings and videos and sorting out promo material. Apologies that I’ve not got as many pictures as normal, but my phone has stopped working so I can’t access ones that were taken on my phone.

On Tuesday I was performing with The Gadabouts at The Glen Care. This is a new Care Home that used to be owned by a group called Four Seasons, but I’ve not been to this place since it was taken over. It was a lovely little gig and the residents seemed to enjoy all the songs and were singing along. I’m back there singing by myself on Thursday.

On Friday I had an afternoon gig at one of my favourite homes in Milnthorpe. As always the residents and staff were on top form, which makes it an absolute pleasure to sing here. We finished off with a little tribute to the gorgeous Mary who sadly passed away a few months ago. She was just such a lovely, kind lady and at 102 years old was still singing ‘You’ll never walk alone’ her absolute favourite song. It was a little emotional, but I was helped out by all the others.

DC156A72-285B-4059-9565-827B332581F0On the Friday I was performing in this Summer Concert with the Hornby Occasionals and Gadabouts. We expected an audience of around 50 people and set room accordingly, so we were pleasantly surprised when we had around 100 people turning up, despite the fact all the tables and chairs had to be changed to accommodate everyone. The show was a great success and we got brilliant feedback from the audience. I was performing several new pieces and pieces I’ve not done for a long time including a beautiful duet ‘Some things are meant  to be’ from Little Women with Jenny Gilpin who just has such a lovely sweet voice.

I also had to take over the role of Josephine in The H.M.S. Pinafore Section at the last minute. It was a little bit stressful at the time learning it in a few days, but I enjoyed singing it and would love to have a chance at performing the part if I get the opportunity. I also did a comedy number called ‘I Want to sing in Opera’ and David Tattersall accompanied me on the piano. I’m not really used to doing comedy, so it was a bit of a challenge, but the audience seemed to enjoy it and David played his part to perfection!

Joanne, Jenny and I also sang ‘The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ in three part harmony. I’ve sang this a solo and done it in 2 parts harmony, but it sounded really good in 3 parts and it was a pleasure to sing with Joanne and Jenny who are both excellent at harmonies. All in all I think this show pushed me a little out of my comfort zone, but I’ve enjoyed it.

On Saturday my friend and fellow singer Harri Deane were invited to sing at Darwen 1940s Day. The event was actually due to take place 2 weeks earlier, but unfortunately was rained off. However on Saturday the weather was glorious. I was singing one set at the Market Square which was really busy as it was right in the centre of the town and the other set was outside the Artisan Bar, which was a little quieter but we still had plenty of people passing through and stopping to listen. Big thank you to my friend Victor Trusch for these fabulous pictures.

The event went really well, great atmosphere and must say the people of Darwen are very friendly. I met some great people and fellow artists including a lovely local singer called Poppy Holiday who was performing before my first set in the Market Square and Sarah and Jay-B who are a duo called ‘a Tribute to the Legends of Swing’.

On Saturday evening I was also singing at The Strathmore Hotel, so it was a busy day. On Sunday afternoon I was performing at a Care Home in St Anne’s. I’ve been to this place a couple of times before and there’s a lovely Welsh gentleman who’s full of cheek, so I always have a bit of fun with him. I don’t often get pictures of me performing with the residents due to data protection, but this place has already shared these pics on social media and has had clearance from the residents.


 Happy Bank Holiday Everyone!  Next week I’m prepping for Vintage by the Sea, no doubt I’ll be putting some posts on my Facebook page to promote the event.

Thank you for following.

Rachel xx

Mid August

Hi everyone once again I’ve had a great week and I’ve been working on some new projects. It’s been a more leisurely week than last, which has given me a little bit of time to catch up.

On Monday and Tuesday I was filming a music video on Heysham Barrows with a band. I will tell you more details about that another time as its a working project.

The Barrows is a lovely spot as it features the ruins of St Patrick’s Chapel which dates back to the 8th or 9th Century and the stone coffins and beautiful landscape which was a perfect setting for our project. I’m quite excited to see it all been put together and seeing the finished project.

On Thursday I was singing at Laurel Bank with the Gadabouts. It was a lovely little show that went down really well with the audience and there was a few new songs that will be featured in our big Summer concert this Friday.


Here’s a little poster about the event if you’re in the area and want to see it.

The weather on Thursday was quite warm and as it was Rogers birthday after the concert we went to a lovely little Ice Cream Parlour called Hugo’s.


On Friday I had a gig at Heron Hill. This time I was in the big room downstairs, which I prefer as there tends to be more residents and it’s a bigger space to work in.


It was a great afternoon and fairly lively with plenty of tambourine shaking and singing a long.


On Saturday afternoon I was performing for an afternoon Tea Party at the Marchesi Centre in Windermere. It was organised by the WI, but it was open to everyone.


Last time I performed there I was doing a Country Show, but this time I sang a mixture of musicals, light classics and some songs people could join in with which seemed to work well. I had a quick dash to get back home as in the evening I was performing at the Strathmore Hotel. This was an interesting night, as we had four children from 2 different families. We don’t often get children at the Strathmore and on the odd occasion we do, they don’t often start up to watch much of the entertainment as it’s more adult based. However these children were so well behaved and sat and listened and danced to a few songs, they were real credits to their families.

On Sunday I went to Lytham 1940s weekend! I have been looking forward to this one for a while and I wasn’t disappointed. It was absolutely brilliant, in fact it has been my favourite event this year. The event takes place on Lytham Green right on the Sea Front, so it is very breezy, but fortunately it was a warm breeze as the sun was out most of the day. However as I had been warned about it being windy I decided to put my hair up in a new style using my snood.

As always I bumped into friends and here’s a shot with the lovely Les Elbone who I’ve sang for at Storth Village Hall. There was also a great selection of classic cars, fire engines and military vehicles. My lovely friend and photographer Victor Trusch was there and many of these pictures are ones he has taken. It was also great to see my good friends Gavin, Gill, Betty and Barry who organise the Morecambe 1940s weekend and we caught up at lunch time.


As always I enjoy watching the entertainers and having a dance. The selection of artists at Lytham was just fantastic, it took place in a big marquee, where there was a stage for the entertainers and a dance floor in front. It was brilliant to see the fabulous Lancashire Belle who really got the crowd going with her sing a long songs and of course Colin Bourdiec as George Formby is always excellent and got plenty of dancers yo including me as these tunes fit perfect to the dances.


There were also some other fantastic artists that I enjoyed listening to and had seen before at other events including Paula Marie and the Bluebird Belles and Lilli De Carlo a Swing Singer who I’ve not seen before.

At the end of the day there was a Grand Finale as Derek Herbert as Winston Churchill delivered a very moving and powerful speech, followed by a good sing a long with most the artists on the stage.

Next week I have some new events to look forward to and I’ve just been booked to sing at Darwen 1940s day along side my best singing friend Harri Deane. X

Have a great week everyone and catch you all soon.xx

Rachel xx

Yanks are back in Saddleworth and more…

Wow well it’s certainly been a busy week. It looks like August is turning out to be as busy as December with 1940s weekends and many other gigs. The week started off at a leisurely pace but from Fri I did 6 gigs in 3 days!

On Tuesday I was singing to a lovely group of  C5B312A8-0EEB-421B-9177-16880547722E
residents at a local Care home. It was my second visit to this home and once again the audience were lovely and I sang a good mix of musicals, rock n roll, country and even a classical piece as one lady is a big fan of classical music.

On Friday I had two gigs, the first one was in a local Care home that I visit monthly and as always the residents and staff were on fine form dancing and singing along to the music.


In the evening I was booked to sing at Storth Village Hall near Milnthorpe. It was a fabulous evening despite the heavy rain and hailstones. My mum came with me to this gig and helped me set up and both of us got rather wet bringing everything in. The atmosphere at the gig was buzzing and was probably one of my favourite gigs this year. I was singing 2 x 45 mins sets, the first set was a mix of musicals, 60s and audience participation songs which went down really well and the second set I was asked to do some lively numbers but finish with ‘Last night of the proms’. The second set I had most the audience up dancing, we had congas going round the room and a bit of the Hokey Cokey. When it came to the ‘Last night of the proms’ they needed no encouragement to sing a long as they did so with gusto and shouted for encores, which I happily obliged.

On Saturday I had another busy day. In the afternoon I was singing at St Charles Catholic Church in Grange for a Wedding. Once again the weather was dreadful it just rained most of the time, but hopefully there was a little window of time for the Nisham and Sean to get some pictures of their special day. For the wedding I was singing 6 pieces of music which consisted of a bit of classical, Ave Maria and Pie Jesu and some more contemporary songs, A thousand years, Real Love, Hallelujah and From this moment on. Instead of using tracks I was accompanied by the fabulous David Tattersall who I’ve known since I was 7 from doing Amateur Shows. David also played some beautiful instrumental pieces of music Pachabel Canon in D and The River Flows in you. It’s always nice to work with live musicians and especially ones who are as accomplished as David.

In the evening I was back doing my usual Saturday night spot at the Strathmore and fortunately I had a lovely audience.

Sunday was my busiest day as I was performing at Yanks Weekend in Saddleworth in the afternoon. I was singing outside a modern bar in the Main Street called The Muse. The official event takes place in the High School, but the whole village gets involved and many venues put on their own 40s entertainment. Unfortunately as it took me nearly two hours to get there and find the venue then a fair bit of time setting up I never got to see any of the main event. However I had a lovely afternoon performing and it was lovely to see a few Reanctors stopping by to watch or have a dance and sing a long. One Irish gentleman who was dressed up as a Yank enjoyed singing a long with full gusto with me and I had a few land girls up dancing and a couple of couples jiving. As I’ve been either singing or visiting so many 1940s events this year I’m finding I’m bumping into a few of the same people which is lovely. Big thank you to my friend and talented photographer Victor Trusch who came and took these  pictures of me in action.

F7420ABF-AAE1-4F7C-9EB6-F9B868694712After Saddleworth I was absolutely shattered as you can imagine, but I had my final gig of the weekend and that  was at Barrow British Legion. It was a last minute booking from an agent that I do the odd gig for and as they needed to fill the gig I obliged. It turned out to be a really nice gig. The club had a lovely ambience and the Concert Secretary and audience were friendly. I haven’t done a ‘club gig’ for about 10 years so I was a little bit anxious as to whether I was going to be right for the audience and singing the songs they like. But everything seemed to go well and I had quite a few dancing during my second set. I’m booked to sing at this club again in November. 

Next week I have less work on, but I’m busy working on a music project with a band for two days. Must admit I’ve loved all the gigs I’ve done this week, but I am thankful that’s its a more leisurely week.

Thank you for following and I’ll catch you all next week.

Rachel xx

Morecambe 1940s Weekend, Luncheons and more…

6F892513-0DAB-4D7E-95C2-08934A5EC891Wow what a week it’s been! As I’ve hit August I’m busy non stop either with gigs or rehearsals for future concerts. On Tuesday I was performing at Kendal Care. It’s always a pleasure performing here as my lovely friend Sue’s mum is a resident here and Sue always comes to watch with her mum and is great at participating her mum is adorable too. Also as I visit here monthly I feel know the residents quite well and often find I get song requests and if it’s not ones I know I have chance to learn them for next time. It was a nice afternoon and the residents seemed to really enjoy it.



363D00F7-016C-48B0-BD9D-C8337669B1BBOn Tuesday I was performing at a new Care Home in Preston. What a lovely place it was too and such lovely residents and staff so full of enthusiasm and willing to help the residents get as much out of it as they can. I was performing in the Foyer of the Home as it was a big enough space to get all the residents in  and any family members too. The age range was quite unusual with residents ranging from 24 years old to around 90, so I had to do a huge mix of music with the odd up to date song. The atmosphere was great so hope I get booked here again. And there was a swimming pool, so if I do get rebooked maybe I’ll bring my swimming costume!

On 77842050-6F44-42C7-829F-BB8BD965491CFriday I was booked to sing for a Luncheon at the New Drop Inn just outside of Preston for Clitheroe PROBUS. I have sang twice for this group and they are such a friendly bunch, I have also sang at a few different events in the Clitheroe area so a couple of the members know me fairly well. I sang a mix of classical, musicals and uptempo which all seemed to go down really well. The venue itself is set on a hill and has such stunning views of the Pennines and the landscape.



At the weekend I was singing at the Morecambe 1940s Revival on Saturday and Sunday. On the Saturday I was singing outside The New Inn on the Main Street just in the morning til 1pm as later I was heading off to my friend’s Angela and David’s Wedding. It was great atmosphere on the Saturday, the sun was shining and I had quite a few dancers. I was set up by the DJ 6 5000 and his wife Sue who teaches dancing, which was great as she brought in a lot of the dancers.

After I finished my two sets I headed off to Ribby Hall, near Blackpool for my friends wedding. It was a beautiful occasion, such a lovely atmosphere and my friend looked absolutely gorgeous and radiant with happiness. Her husband is lovely too, so they make a fab couple.

Here’s a pic from the day…  1354AF88-1F61-4CC6-AFE0-B4C588FDA8BFunfortunately I couldn’t stay very long at the Wedding as I had to head back to the Strathmore for my usual Saturday evening gig. But I was glad I made it to the Reception. 





On the Sunday I was back singing at the Morecambe 1940s Revival. This time I was singing all day from 11am til around 4pm outside the Smugglers Den which is the oldest pub in Morecambe and I was working with the fabulous Colin Bourdiec as George Formby. We were doing alternate sets throughout the day and came together at the end to sing ‘We’ll meet again’. We had a couple of short light showers, but that didn’t stop us and the audience from enjoying themselves. Here’s a few pics from Sunday …

As well as working with Colin, I also had the chance to catch up with my lovely friend Harri Deane who was singing those Swing Tunes just round the corner from me. I also caught up with the Bobby Pin Ups, a girl trio Alice, Hannah and Ceri who were making their 40s debut and did a great job entertaining the crowds at the Memorial Hall. It was also nice to see some of my friends and family.

Next weekend I’m singing at The Yanks are back in Saddleworth and have some more interesting gigs to look forward to.xx

Catch you all next week.

Rachel xx