From Corrie to Brougham Hall Castle

CC78CAFD-263D-4B08-8BAE-0CF32143754DWell it’s been quite an exciting week for me….

As it was VE Day last Wednesday I was doing a special 1940s show at Gilling Reane in Kendal. The residents and staff were brilliant and really enjoyed singing a long to the music and one or two got up for a dance when I sang the livelier 1940s music. It was a really lovely afternoon.



Then on Friday I was filming as a support artist for Coronation Street. It was so much fun, but I’m not allowed to discuss anything about it. But here’s a sneak picture of me on the cobbles with three fellow artists.


On Sunday I was singing at my first 1940s event this year which was at Brougham Hall Castle. What a fabulous venue it is and perfect for a 1940s event. The event was mostly about Military Vehicles and there were certainly a huge selection of Jeeps, tanks, cars, and bikes. I was singing in the afternoon just opposite the cafe, so I had a captive audience. I did 2 mixed sets of patriotic, sing a long and dance music. It was also lovely to see my Auntie Verna and cousin Lisa and her family as well as a couple of friends from Morecambe Gavin and Gill. I was also grateful for Adam my fiancé for coming up to help me set up my equipment as I now a vintage microphone and I’m still getting used to the sound and feel of it and Adam also took these pictures and many more and did some video footage.

This Sunday I’m looking forward to going to Haworth 1940s with my friends Gill and Gavin. I want to experience as many 1940s events as I can this year as this will prepare me for singing at these events and also because I just love the events.

Anyway I’m currently busy learning lots of new 40s Songs and perfecting my current ones as I’m off to sing at East Lancs Railway on the 25th May.


Have a a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sunshine!xx

Rachel xxx


Beginning of May

Well after a very busy week last week, this week definitely felt more leisurely. However I had a some nice gigs and a big event.

EE579674-0BEC-4A58-95B9-7794493EC565On Tuesday I was singing at a Care Home in the local area. When I arrived none of the staff seemed to be aware I was coming, which was a little worrying especially as it was my first visit. However because the residents were so engaged it turned out to be a lovely gig. After I had set up I had time to have a chat with them and I asked them what sort of music they liked. One lady said she liked Opera, Scottish and Irish Music, another liked music from the 60’s and a few said they loved the musicals. So I included all their requests and some of the songs that I sang weren’t ones I would have sang if they hadn’t of requested them. It was a really buzzing atmosphere and wonderful to see the contrast in the residents before and after I sang.



On Thursday I was singing at West Houghton Rotary Club for their annual Dinner at Rivington Hall Barn. As you can see it is a fascinating building that dates back to the 16th Century and is now a Grade 2 listed building. 

Inside is very impressive and can hold a capacity of 280 people seated. I’m not sure how many were there on Thursday but it certainly seemed very busy. Here’s a few pictures from the evening that were taken by my fiancé Adam.

It was a fabulous night I was booked to do 2 sets, first one songs from the musicals and second set uptempo songs for people to dance to. However as there were so many speeches and it was getting late this was condensed to one longer set. I still did half musicals and half uptempo and as you can see the dance floor soon filled up. It was a great atmosphere and as I was there I received a few enquires to do other events.

On Saturday I was back for my usual night at the Strathmore which turned out it be a lively night as it was Bank Holiday weekend and the Hotel was packed.


As you know I’ve got some 1940s Events coming up, so I thought it was time I invested in a Vintage Style Microphone. I have been deliberating over choosing one for a while. In the end I chose the Shure 55SH the iconic Elvis style mic. I’m looking forward to it’s first outing this Sunday as I’m singing at Brougham Hall 1940s, however I am going to have a few practises before then.

Here’s a few public events I’m performing at in the next few weeks:

Sunday 12th May – Brougham Hall 1940s

Saturday 25th May – East Lancs Railway (Bury station)

Sunday 2nd June – A Splendid Day Out (Morecambe Steampunk Festival)

Thank you for following have a lovely week.xx


Rachel xx

Easter, St George’s Day, Colwyn Bay and more…


Well once again I’m a little behind in my news blog. So here’s a few snippets of some of the things I’ve been up to….

First of all hope you had a Happy Easter. I was busy with Easter Bonnet Shows all through Easter Week and I performed at some local Care Homes. One of which absolutely loved the old musicals so I made sure to fill my show with lots of songs from Judy Garland, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Oklahoma and lots more related to spring.

F55E46C0-70CD-4EE5-BAEB-7C98810F6ED1On Easter Monday normally I continue with my Easter Shows but as this year St George’s Day fell the day after Easter Monday I was asked to do a pre St George’s Day Show in Windermere and I performed the same show at Kendal on St George’s Day (23rd April). Both shows went down a treat as I designed the shows with a good mix of feel good English music from old Cockney Sing a longs, English Musicals, English performers from the 50’s and 60’s and a good old Patriotic sing song to finish off.


On both Wednesday and Saturday this week I was singing at the Strathmore. Both nights went really well, I had a great audience on both nights and it was especially nice to see some residents who come back regularly and have come become friends.

Finally on Sunday I headed off to my first 40s Event this year at Colwyn Bay with some lovely friends who I’ve met through doing the 40s music. It was a fantastic day, weather held out fortunately though it was a little cold at times. Here’s a few pictures…


I enjoyed dancing in the street to the fabulous George Formby Experience and The amazing Lancashire Belle. Who did a wonderful selection of dancing and sing a long songs. I got to chat with her afterwards and she was very helpful with offering useful ideas. I also got to listen to Jeep Johnson, who I will see when I perform at the Morecambe 1940s Revival in August. The entertainment was excellent, but I also enjoyed seeing many important War Time things such as the Anderson Shelter, the Army Tank, Fighter Plane, Jeeps and in a separate field I got to experience the Battle Reenactment which was quite a chilling experience, but so important to see to remind you of some of the things the soldiers had to face.

Thank you for reading. Do share the link to my blog if  you can.

Lots of love

Rachel xx

Run up to Easter…

Hi everyone, well April is turning out to be a great month so far packed with shows, gigs, auditions and events.

Last week from Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th April I was in Ruddigore at Kendal Town Hall and on the Saturday we were performing the show at the Victoria Hall in Grange. Although Gilbert and Sullivan were writing these Comic Operas in the late Victorian period, KADGASS the group I performed with decided to set the show in the 1920’s, hence the outfits and wigs. Here’s a few pictures from the show below …

The show was a lot of fun, particularly as it was set in the roaring 20’s which lent itself to some fun 1920’s choreography and of course the people in it were really lovely to work with. It was my first time in this group, though it was my second time doing Ruddigore.


In addition to doing the show, I had a few afternoon events that week. On Tuesday and Thursday I was performing with the Gadabouts at Laurel Bank and at Hala. Both shows went down well with the audiences.





The last couple of weeks I’ve been busy preparing for Easter/Spring Shows. But this Monday I was performing at Bushell House in Goosnargh and these residents love Classical Music, Musicals and Easy listening. So I had a lovely time singing a couple of opera pieces, Gilbert and Sullivan and some songs from the Musicals. Many of these songs I rarely get to sing, but these residents absolutely loved this type of music.

I’m delighted to be returning there once again in December to sing at their Christmas party.

On Tuesday I was invited to sing for the Cumbria WI Federation showcase. Although I have sung at quite a few WI’s in the Cumbria Federation and I’m already in the ‘speakers book’ I was asked to do a 15 spot to showcase to demonstrate what I do. It was like an audition or showcase and there were 9 other ‘speakers’ there, although I was the only singer.


The event took place at this delightful village hall called the Bryce Institute in Burneside. The inside of the building was lovely and had quite a big stage which was used for the showcase. Auditions or showcases are quite nerve wracking and there was over 100 ladies from different WI’s in the Cumbria Federation. However they gave me a lovely reception and several WI’s seemed very interested in booking me and two WI’s immediately booked me for events next year.


On Wednesday I had a very busy day as I was performing for a Birthday Party in Pilling. The gentleman who’s birthday it was particularly liked Rock n Roll and 60’s music, so I did a fun packed show of that style of music. The same evening I was performing at the Strathmore and all I can say is ‘wow what a night’ they were an absolutely brilliant audience and I did such a wide range of music from classical to pop and nearly everything in between.They were just fab! X

Anyway I shall wrap this up as I have a busy Easter Weekend coming up. So I wish you all a very happy Easter and a nice few days off.

Rachel xxx

















Beginning of April…

Hi everyone! As we hit April I’m starting to get incredibly busy. This week and next I’ve got birthday parties, shows and kinds of gigs lined up.


On Wednesday night I was back singing at the Strathmore Hotel. There wasn’t many residents, but we had a really nice chilled out evening and I just sang requests.

On Thursday afternoon I was back singing at Lakeland View. Once again the residents came to life with the lively party songs and there was plenty of dancing and singing along. It was lovely to see one of my friends Rachel, who is occasionally there and it was lovely to see her dancing with some of the residents.


On Friday I had been invited to sing at Peter’s 90th Birthday at Garstang Golf club. I have sang at the Golf club several times before at PROBUS events which is where I met Peter. A lot of Peters friends from PROBUS were there in addition to his family, so it was nice to sing to some familiar faces. We had a great evening singing lots of Peters favourite songs and as his wife’s family were Irish I included a few good Irish songs, which people sang a long to and danced to.


I had an early start on Saturday as I went off to sing at Holehird in Windermere in the morning. I have sang here before, but it must be at least 2 years since I was last here and I have forgotten how beautiful the grounds are, made even more so as it was a sunny day. I remembered a few of the residents from last time, so it was nice to see them again and again I did a lot of requests that they had asked me to sing prior to the event.

In the evening I was back at the Strathmore, because I had had a little power nap between gigs I felt ready for the evening. It was a fabulous evening as I had lots of guests up dancing to lots of different styles of music. I sang a few swing/big band numbers and I had couples doing Foxtrots and Quick Steps. I did some Rock n Roll and I had people jiving and some general dance music. It was a wonderful atmosphere and the time just flew.


On Sunday afternoon we had our first Dress Rehearsal for Ruddigore at Kendal Town Hall and on Monday we had the Band Call. The orchestra sounded absolutely magnificent, 16 piece. I’ve never sang with such a big Orchestra, so it was a little daunting at first, but once I was used to the space in the Town Hall and the sound I really enjoyed it.

In the afternoon I was also singing at a 100th Birthday Party in Preston. The Birthday Girl was an absolutely gorgeous lady who looked at least 20 years younger than her real age and her family were lovely too. I’m hoping I’ll get some pictures sent of the event via the Residential Home.

This week I have 2 concerts with the Gadabouts and also Ruddigore from Wednesday to Saturday. If anyone is interested in seeing the show, here are the details below.


Once again thanks for following. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of pics and tales to share about the show and other events next week.xx

Take Care

Rachel xxx




Mother’s Day and more…

Well as I said in my last blog I had a fantastic week doing Pirates of Penzance, but unfortunately 2 days later I came down with an horrendous throat infection which then turned into laryngitis and a cold. I’m literally just recovering now after 2 weeks,   I’m still not recovered my higher register yet and still rather weak vocally, but hopefully getting there. I must admit any illness is catastrophic for singers and although I cancelled and rescheduled gigs, there were one or two things I had to do.

On Wednesday I was at the Strathmore, I was a good night overall but I had to adapt my sets considerably as I only had my lower register working. However it did give me an opportunity to explore some songs I’ve not doing in a while and some new arrangements to songs I already do. I’m currently preparing for all these 1940’s weekends that I’m doing, so it was a good opportunity to try out some of these Jazz/swing standards and I mixed it up with some rock n roll and country.

A44A2CDB-4B8F-4ADD-8E52-0E60C748E720On Friday I was at Preston performing a Pre Mother’s Day show to the residents. It was a lovely afternoon as I performed my Spring/Easter Show with classics such as Easter Bonnet, April Showers, Singing in the rain and many more songs related to Spring. After my show I stopped off in Garstang and caught up with my friend Angela for a natter.




On Sunday with it being Mother’s Day I was performing at The Mayfair. Again it was a lovely afternoon, as there are some lovely residents here who enjoy singing a long and just enjoying themselves.

Fortunately I’ve not had too much on this week and I’ve managed to reschedule some gigs which has given me chance to recover, which is just as well as next week I’m much busier and I’m also in a show the week after at Kendal and Grange.


Thanks for following, I’m sure I’ll more news next week.

Rachel xxx


A week in Penzance and more…

Had an amazing week doing Pirates of Penzance at Hornby. The show ran from Wednesday to Saturday. There were so many wonderful moments, so here’s just a few pictures that were taken during the show…

As you can guess I played Mabel… this was the most vocally challenging part I’ve ever played, but the most rewarding too as I had to work really hard to get those top Db’s. However as they say ‘if something’s too easy it’s not width having’. I’ve absolutely loved being Mabel and I’m already missing her and the rest of the cast.



Unfortunately on Monday I woke up with a dreadful cold and sore throat, so had to reschedule my gig in Milnthorpe til next week. But on Tuesday I was feeling a little better and sang at Kendal Care. I did a Spring/Easter Themed Show, which went down really well.

However on Wednesday I felt so terrible and could barely even talk never mind sing so I had to cancel my gig at the Strathmore. People who know me know how much I hate cancelling work and I’m always trying to soldier on, but then I make myself feel worse and take ages recovering. So this time I’m taking the time out to have a good rest so I can recover fully. Fortunately I don’t have any more gigs til Saturday night. So hopefully having rested I’ll be back to full health by the weekend.

That’s all for now, but just to let you know I have some really good events coming up soon.

Brougham Hall 1940’s – 12th May

East Lancashire Railway 1940’s  – 25th May

A Splendid Day Out – Steampunk Festival, Morecambe 2nd June

Ingleton 1940’s – 6th and 7th July

Morecambe 1940’s Revival – 3rd and 4th August

Rachel xxx