Armed Forces Day and more …

Wow what a busy week and a half it’s been, hence the delay in writing my blog.

On Tuesday last week my good friend and photographer Victor Trusch organised a photo shoot at Blackpool Hanger. It was an amazing experience being pictured amongst an original Spitfire and Hurricane and finding out about the mechanics of the planes. Although Blackpool Airport doesn’t do passenger flights anymore, it still has the flying school and there’s plenty of private planes taking off and landing. Here’s just a few pictures that Victor took. Hope you like them. X


E1BA0D47-42F7-4EBD-97DC-103E048D9A20On Thursday I had been asked to sing at St Marys Church in Kirkby Lonsdale for a funeral service. It was a extremely large turn out of around 300 people, fortunately the church is rather big and accommodate so many and the turn out certainly showed how well thought of the gentleman was. I was singing three pieces Ave Maria, Pie Jesu and Time to say Goodbye accompanied by the Organist Peter Entwistle.

The same evening I was invited to sing for the Guide Dog Trust at Bare Village Hall. What a lovely event it was, again there were a few people in the audience who had seen me before at other local events. It was also a pleasure to be part of their fundraising event as they raised quite a lot of money that evening to go towards adopting another dog.

316AA243-1E0D-407E-9476-9AAABB53A407On Friday it was National Care Home Open Day, so due to popular demand I had two gigs. In the morning I was in Preston and the afternoon I was at Kendal. Both gigs went well and the residents enjoyed both. As it was so hot that day when I arrived at Kendal they asked me to perform outside. This worked a treat as they have nice grounds there and the gazebo was set up for me ready. It also encouraged quite a few family members and friends to stay and listen to the entertainment.

On Saturday it was Armed Forces Day and I had been asked to perform a 1940s show to the residents at a Care Home in St Anne’s. Again it was a very warm afternoon and I was extremely hot and exhausted performed in my RAF uniform, though I did take my jacket off eventually. But it was a great afternoon and the residents really enjoyed it. I was singing at the Strathmore that night too, so by Sunday I was shattered. Fortunately I had a couple of rest days that allowed me to rest and catch up with my prep for Ingleton at the weekend and for a Country and Western Show I had been asked to do in Windermere on 4th July.

My Country and Western gig was for Windermere WI. I met the organiser at a WI gig I did in Ulverston earlier in the year and they had organised a country theme to fit with American Independence Day Celebrations. Truthfully I’m not a Country Singer as many of you know, but I was surprised to find how many country songs I did already know, though of course I learnt a few new ones that fit to Line Dances. It was a great evening and the ladies seemed to enjoy themselves and I had a few up Line Dancing. Also a lovely surprise to see my friend Joanne’s mother in law Jean who I’ve met several times at the G&S shows I do. She certainly looked the part of a Cow girl, complete with her lasso.

Anyway must leave you now as I must get on as I need to go through my songs for Ingleton 1940s this weekend. If you’re in the area pop down as it looks to be a brilliant event.xxBA32824C-62EE-40C8-9447-83E75F807F94.jpegSee you all next week with an update of the event and more I’m sure…

Rachel xxx


Summer time is here …

47250AD7-6E60-4B51-B908-7F39D1A97F17Well it’s been a busy time now Summer is finally here with Garden Parties and different events. I’ve found any day off I do have is spent learning new songs to add to my repertoire or liaising about gigs, it’s been pretty full on. Anyway here’s a sum up of what I’ve been up to over the last week or so.

On Monday I was performing at St George’s Care Home in Barrow. It is a bit of a distance to travel to a gig but I’m always made to feel very welcome by the staff and residents here, so it’s always lovely to perform here. Also it’s nice as I got chance to catch up with relatives who live close by.

On Wednesday evening I was performing for a fabulous bunch of ladies at Heath Charnock WI to celebrate the WI’s 82nd Birthday. The event went brilliantly and managed to get some footage of me singing whilst most the ladies up dancing, including two ladies in their 90’s! I also got to sample some delicious cakes too which is always a plus at these events.



At the weekend I was performing at a Strawberry Tea Garden Party at the Old Vicarage. Fortunately the weather was lovely, as I was outside singing. It was a lovely event, as there were cute lambs, a pets corner complete with a mummy rabbit and her 2 week old babies, 2 very cute puppies and some Emu chicks. There were also plenty of stalls and it was generally a really nice atmosphere. 


0FB6EE8D-B8B2-48E0-8580-C01C2A619685On Sunday it was Fathers Day, which is always a difficult day for me, not having my dad here, but I had some time to reflect and some time to distract with my gig. It was nice to see some family members come to visit their relatives and enjoy the entertainment. 




The rest of the week I have been busy planning sets and learning new songs to add to my repertoire and visiting venues. But today I got to a fabulous 1940s event at Barnard Castle. I’ve never been to this area before, but what a lovely quaint town it is and the castle dates back to the Norman times. The event took place right by the church and it was all quite compact with everything happening in one area. There were great entertainers including the fabulous Colin Bourdieac as George Formby, Hattie Bee and a lady called Demaris. I met some great people and enjoyed looking around at all the Military equipment and vehicles. I also treated myself to a new 1940s dress which is an original, which I will most likely wear at my next event.

Next week looks to be very busy with gigs and more prep for upcoming events.

Thank you for following and have a great week.xx

Rachel xxx

From Steampunk to D Day Shows!


Wow what a week it’s been… last weekend I was singing at A Splendid Day Out, which is the Morecambe Steampunk Festival. It was such a fabulous weekend with so many unique performers and entertainment. On the Saturday, I wasn’t singing, but I went down to watch my friend Harri Deane who is a fabulous swing and jazz singer perform and also to have a look at everything going on. This festival seems to get better every year, unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great this time, but it dampen anyone’s spirits and as always it was a great atmosphere.

On the Sunday I was performing two sets one at 11am and the second at 2pm. The morning set was a little quieter than the afternoon set, however it was an appreciative audience and even got to do an encore. It was packed in the platform  during the afternoon as before me there was a Tea Duelling Competition going on and many stayed around to listen to me sing. I had worked out a set of songs that were based on different modes of transport such as trains, boats, planes, bikes, cars and walking and these songs covered various styles of swing, folk, country and light classical. However in my morning set a few people enjoyed the classical songs I put in and wanted me to sing more of those, so I ended up singing Nella Fantasia and Il Mio Coure Va (Italian version of My heart will go on).

On Thursday and Friday I performed two D Day Shows to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Normandy landings in 1944. Both shows went really well and the residents at both places loved joining in with the singing and they all seemed to know all the words. It was a fitting tribute to the special day. I must admit some songs like ‘we’ll gather lilacs’ always make me feel quite emotional. I’m currently learning a new song called ‘Requiem for a Soldier’ which was featured in the film ‘Band of Brothers,’ which is a beautiful heartfelt piece.

Next week I have quite a few events coming up. I’m singing at the Old Vicarage Summer Fete on Saturday afternoon, details on the poster below. But if you’re in the area do come along, hopefully the sun will be shining too.


Catch you next week everyone. Keep following.xx

Rachel xx


1940s Events

Wow what an eventful week it’s been! The last two weekends I turned the clock back to the 1940s. Last weekend I went to Haworth 1940s, I’ve never been to this event before, but I had heard a lot about it as it’s such a huge event.


I wasn’t singing at Haworth, but it was a fantastic experience to see other performers and take part in some of the dancing and just enjoying the general atmosphere of the event. I went with two of my friends who are very keen on the 1940s and are the organisers for the 1940s Revival in Morecambe which I will be performing at in August.


On Tuesday I was performing with the Gadabouts at Laurel Bank and on Wednesday I was performing at the Strathmore Hotel.

C0EB8BA7-03B1-4441-97E5-AE2C6D02979FOn Thursday I was singing at The Knights Care Home in St Anne’s on Sea. It was a lovely afternoon, the staff were great and the residents really got involved and sang along and were full of energy. It was  very enjoyable afternoon and I’ve booked to sing there again at the end of June for Armed Forces Day.


On Saturday I was singing at my biggest 1940s event yet, East Lancs Railway at Bury Station. It was a brilliant day, very busy as I was singing on and off all day from 10am til 4pm as the passengers got off the trains.


My friend Victor took some great shots of me performing during the day and some general shots in between sets. Here’s just a few pics from the event. I was fortunate to meet 2 fabulous Winston Churchill’s on the day, who delivered a very rousing speech on the day. Many people were taking photos and videos, so there may be some more to add on my Facebook pages and my next blog. It was brilliant to meet Jez the Spiv and I even bought a new hat from one of the exhibitors.


As I enjoyed the event so much I popped back down today, just to see the other entertainers and attractions at the other stations and I’m so glad I did as there was so much going on. I got to see a working spitfire, which is quite rare, I heard a Brass Band playing all the Patriotic Songs, saw two brilliant girl groups the Bluebird Belles and the Rum and Cola Girls.

This week is a little bit easier, but I’m looking forward to the Weekend as it’s the fabulous Morecambe Steampunk Event.

Catch you all soon.

Rachel xxx




From Corrie to Brougham Hall Castle

CC78CAFD-263D-4B08-8BAE-0CF32143754DWell it’s been quite an exciting week for me….

As it was VE Day last Wednesday I was doing a special 1940s show at Gilling Reane in Kendal. The residents and staff were brilliant and really enjoyed singing a long to the music and one or two got up for a dance when I sang the livelier 1940s music. It was a really lovely afternoon.



Then on Friday I was filming as a support artist for Coronation Street. It was so much fun, but I’m not allowed to discuss anything about it. But here’s a sneak picture of me on the cobbles with three fellow artists.


On Sunday I was singing at my first 1940s event this year which was at Brougham Hall Castle. What a fabulous venue it is and perfect for a 1940s event. The event was mostly about Military Vehicles and there were certainly a huge selection of Jeeps, tanks, cars, and bikes. I was singing in the afternoon just opposite the cafe, so I had a captive audience. I did 2 mixed sets of patriotic, sing a long and dance music. It was also lovely to see my Auntie Verna and cousin Lisa and her family as well as a couple of friends from Morecambe Gavin and Gill. I was also grateful for Adam my fiancé for coming up to help me set up my equipment as I now a vintage microphone and I’m still getting used to the sound and feel of it and Adam also took these pictures and many more and did some video footage.

This Sunday I’m looking forward to going to Haworth 1940s with my friends Gill and Gavin. I want to experience as many 1940s events as I can this year as this will prepare me for singing at these events and also because I just love the events.

Anyway I’m currently busy learning lots of new 40s Songs and perfecting my current ones as I’m off to sing at East Lancs Railway on the 25th May.


Have a a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sunshine!xx

Rachel xxx

Beginning of May

Well after a very busy week last week, this week definitely felt more leisurely. However I had a some nice gigs and a big event.

EE579674-0BEC-4A58-95B9-7794493EC565On Tuesday I was singing at a Care Home in the local area. When I arrived none of the staff seemed to be aware I was coming, which was a little worrying especially as it was my first visit. However because the residents were so engaged it turned out to be a lovely gig. After I had set up I had time to have a chat with them and I asked them what sort of music they liked. One lady said she liked Opera, Scottish and Irish Music, another liked music from the 60’s and a few said they loved the musicals. So I included all their requests and some of the songs that I sang weren’t ones I would have sang if they hadn’t of requested them. It was a really buzzing atmosphere and wonderful to see the contrast in the residents before and after I sang.



On Thursday I was singing at West Houghton Rotary Club for their annual Dinner at Rivington Hall Barn. As you can see it is a fascinating building that dates back to the 16th Century and is now a Grade 2 listed building. 

Inside is very impressive and can hold a capacity of 280 people seated. I’m not sure how many were there on Thursday but it certainly seemed very busy. Here’s a few pictures from the evening that were taken by my fiancé Adam.

It was a fabulous night I was booked to do 2 sets, first one songs from the musicals and second set uptempo songs for people to dance to. However as there were so many speeches and it was getting late this was condensed to one longer set. I still did half musicals and half uptempo and as you can see the dance floor soon filled up. It was a great atmosphere and as I was there I received a few enquires to do other events.

On Saturday I was back for my usual night at the Strathmore which turned out it be a lively night as it was Bank Holiday weekend and the Hotel was packed.


As you know I’ve got some 1940s Events coming up, so I thought it was time I invested in a Vintage Style Microphone. I have been deliberating over choosing one for a while. In the end I chose the Shure 55SH the iconic Elvis style mic. I’m looking forward to it’s first outing this Sunday as I’m singing at Brougham Hall 1940s, however I am going to have a few practises before then.

Here’s a few public events I’m performing at in the next few weeks:

Sunday 12th May – Brougham Hall 1940s

Saturday 25th May – East Lancs Railway (Bury station)

Sunday 2nd June – A Splendid Day Out (Morecambe Steampunk Festival)

Thank you for following have a lovely week.xx


Rachel xx

Easter, St George’s Day, Colwyn Bay and more…


Well once again I’m a little behind in my news blog. So here’s a few snippets of some of the things I’ve been up to….

First of all hope you had a Happy Easter. I was busy with Easter Bonnet Shows all through Easter Week and I performed at some local Care Homes. One of which absolutely loved the old musicals so I made sure to fill my show with lots of songs from Judy Garland, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Oklahoma and lots more related to spring.

F55E46C0-70CD-4EE5-BAEB-7C98810F6ED1On Easter Monday normally I continue with my Easter Shows but as this year St George’s Day fell the day after Easter Monday I was asked to do a pre St George’s Day Show in Windermere and I performed the same show at Kendal on St George’s Day (23rd April). Both shows went down a treat as I designed the shows with a good mix of feel good English music from old Cockney Sing a longs, English Musicals, English performers from the 50’s and 60’s and a good old Patriotic sing song to finish off.


On both Wednesday and Saturday this week I was singing at the Strathmore. Both nights went really well, I had a great audience on both nights and it was especially nice to see some residents who come back regularly and have come become friends.

Finally on Sunday I headed off to my first 40s Event this year at Colwyn Bay with some lovely friends who I’ve met through doing the 40s music. It was a fantastic day, weather held out fortunately though it was a little cold at times. Here’s a few pictures…


I enjoyed dancing in the street to the fabulous George Formby Experience and The amazing Lancashire Belle. Who did a wonderful selection of dancing and sing a long songs. I got to chat with her afterwards and she was very helpful with offering useful ideas. I also got to listen to Jeep Johnson, who I will see when I perform at the Morecambe 1940s Revival in August. The entertainment was excellent, but I also enjoyed seeing many important War Time things such as the Anderson Shelter, the Army Tank, Fighter Plane, Jeeps and in a separate field I got to experience the Battle Reenactment which was quite a chilling experience, but so important to see to remind you of some of the things the soldiers had to face.

Thank you for reading. Do share the link to my blog if  you can.

Lots of love

Rachel xx